Rams News · Most Recent Update on Face Coverings

The rules regarding face covering and athletics continue to change. This week the Governor passed Executive Order 180 which was meant to clarify the use of face covering in sports. Below is a summary from the MHSAA of their interpretations of that EO:

Athletes in cross country, golf, girls swimming & diving and tennis are not required to wear facial coverings while in active participation. Athletes in football, soccer and volleyball are required to wear facial coverings while in active and non-active participation. Athletes not in active participation and all other individuals are to wear facial coverings at all other times. Contests may not be played unless all participants adhere to face covering requirements.

Since they are not part of the playing rules, officials continue to have no role in the enforcement of facial
coverings for players, coaches or spectators.

The full MHSAA document on face coverings can be fund by clicking HERE.